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The most played love songs of 2012 in Spanish

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As every year, we present the Top 20 of the most programmed and played songs during 2012 in LaEstacionDelAmor.Net, the only digital platform radio in Mexico, totally programmed for our audience from different places of the world. Remember that LaEstacionDelAmor.Net plays what you want. Ask Your Music!

The following songs were the 20 most requested in spanish by our listeners. In order to choose the best songs of the year, we consulted the database of our digital interactive platform.

1.- Historia de una historia – Marco Nodari

“Historia de una historia” by Italian artist Marco Nodari. After the success of his recent Caribbean tour, has consecrated as emerging artist of the new generation of pop-Latino singers. “Historia de una historia” breaks into Latin American music with the strength and pace of the best latin ballads, confirmed by the thousands of applications and shares on social networks around the world. The album Buonasera Signorina, under the seal DEL ANGEL FEG and distributed by Sony Music, includes the single “Historia de una historia”

2.- Convénceme – Shaila Durcal

Shaila de los Ángeles Morales de las Heras, better known as Shaila Durcal is singer of ranchera and pop music born in Madrid, Spain on August 28, 1979. Since 2009, she opted for this genre, in which her mother, Rocio Durcal triumphed worldwide. “Convénceme” was the first single from her album ” Así,” which has been a hit.

3.- Fuiste Tú – Ricardo Arjona feat Gaby Moreno

Fuiste tu is the second single from the last album of Arjona Independiente. In this song, Arjona sings with the guitarist-song-writter Gaby Moreno. With this album, The Guatemalan singer marks the beginning of his own record label, Metamorphosis, and says “being independent does not make you an enemy of the music industry.”

4.- Corre! – Jesse & Joy

Corre! is a pop song performed by the Mexican duo Jesse & Joy, produced by Martin Terefe. Included in the third studio album from the duo, Con quién se queda el perro? (2011), was released as the second single from the album, on October 4, 2011. The song has become the most successful and best known of the duo, reaching the top spot in several countries. It is also the most successful album. In 2012 Corre! won two Latin Grammy Awards in the categories of “Song of the Year” and “Record of the Year” in the thirteenth version of the event.

5.- No me compares – Alejandro Sanz

No me compares is a song recorded by the spanish singer and song-writter Alejandro Sanz. It was released as the first single of his ninth studio album, La música no se toca (2012) is also the theme of the mexican soup opera “Amores Verdaderos”. No me Compares was released digitally on June 25, 2012. The single was nominated for Song of the Year at the 13th Grammy Awards.

6.- Pídeme – Diego Verdaguer

Pídeme Live is the new album by Diego Verdaguer, consisting of 17 tracks, two of which are unpublished and 3 written by Joan Sebastian. Verdaguer also noted that this album is the best production of his career.

7.- Ya te olvidé – Yuridia

Ya te olvidé- is the first single of the last album from the Mexican singer Yuridia. It was released on 31 October 2011. The single is a cover of the Spanish singer Rocio Durcal, who popularized it in 1988. Ya te olvidé did debut at No. 17 overall monitor pop latino Mexico within 3 weeks after leaving in rotation. For the first week of December 2011 managed to be placed at number 9. In the early months of 2012, this song manages to stand as number one in most of the musical tops of radio stations in Mexico.

8.- De qué me sirve la vida – Camila

De que me sirve la vida? is a single from the second studio album by the Mexican pop band Camila. It was released on February 9, 2010 by Sony Music Latin. Produced by the band leader Mario Domm and Javi Javier Cordero aka written by Domm and Mónica Vélez, the album became a hit in the United States and Mexico. The album was certified platinum in the U.S. by the RIAA and 4x Platinum in Mexico for AMPROFON. It was recorded in Mexico in Mamita Studio with themes of love, loneliness and lies. The album had six singles, “mientes”, “alejate de mi,” “besame,” “entre tus alas”, “De mí” and “De que me sirve la vida? ‘. The album received positive critics and reached number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums and Latin Pop Albums in the United States in addition to being more than 110 weeks on chart.

9.- La de la mala suerte – Jesse & Joy

La de la mala suerte is a song written by the duo Jesse & Joy Mexico. The song is included on her third studio album, Con quien se queda el perro? (2011), and was released as the third single of the album on March 13, 2012.

10.- Las cartas sobre la mesa – Raul Ornelas

Las cartas sobre la mesa is clear from the album released in 2002, Manual of the forbidden. Raul Ornelas is a compostor and singer originally from Chiapas. Many of his compositions have been real hits on radio and have traveled the five continents. Thanks to its versatility, his songs have been performed by artists from diverse genres like Alejandro Fernandez, Eugenia León, Thalia, Pedro Fernandez, Reyli, Victor Garcia, Grupo Pesado, Pandora, Bobby Pulido, Margarita la Diosa de la Cumbia.

11.- Creo en ti – Reik

I believe in you is the third single from the latest album Reik, Danger, his fourth studio, recorded and mixed at Sonic Ranch (Texas USA) The members of the band from Mexicali say this is their most innovative work, incorporating electronic beats to their distinctive pop sound.

12.- Aire Soy – Miguel Bosé with Ximena Sariñana

Papitwo the latest album of duets Bosé. The album ncludes a duet song with Ximena Sariñana. The first single in Spain the song for “Linda”, with the collaboration of Malu, while in Latin America rang “Air I” became a radio hit.

13.- Hasta que te conocí – Maná

Nearly twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of the song, the Mexican pop-rock band Maná recorded their own version of the song “Hasta Que Te Conocí” original from Juan Gabriel. The song is included on their greatest hits album “Exiliados en la Bahía” which was released in August 28, 2012. This will be the second time that Mana performs a song by Juan Gabriel. In their fist live album, Maná MTV Unplugged (1999) the band performed a cover of the song “Se me olvidó otra vez”.

14.- Es Primavera – Marco Nodari

Nodari Marco is an Italian singer with a long musical history. Passionate for music since his childhood, Marco began a rigorous training in Italy where he had a great success and is already an established artist. Now Nodari reached his musical maturity: the singer has crossed the language barrier making rhythms that lead to a unique and original fusion with the elegance of his voice. The single Es Primavera has become a success in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

15.- Solamente Tú – Pablo Alborán

“Solamente Tú” is the debut single by Latin Grammy nominated Spanish singer Pablo Alborán, from his self-titled debut album. It was released on September 14, 2011 as a digital download in Spain. The song peaked to number 1 on the Spanish Singles Chart. The song was written by Pablo Alborán and produced by Manuel Illán.

16.- Cadenas – Salvador Rivas

Salvador Rivas is a new Mexican talent. Owner of a beautiful voice, is a very versatile singer who hardly, who has dabbled in different genres such as bolero, opera, rancher, or musical works. His vocal preparation allows him to perform repertoire in 6 languages, with symphony orchestra accompaniment, mariachi, big band, etc.. He has performed in cities like Milan, Pisa, Bologna and Siena in Italy, Los Angeles and San Francisco in California, or New York in the United States as well as in Mexico.

17.- Prometiste – Pepe Aguilar

“Prometiste” is a song performed by the Regional Mexicano singer Pepe Aguilar. The single is from “Negociaré con la pena”, an EP released on June 28, 2011. The EP contains 6 songs, two of them authored by Pepe Aguilar. This is the singer’s first album independently produced and distributed by Sony Music. “Negociaré con la pena” is the first part of two discs that Aguilar has planned.

18.- Muerte en Hawaii – Calle 13

Muerte en Hawaii is a song by Puerto Rican group Calle 13. René Pérez Joglar, nicknamed Residente, and his brother Eduardo Cabra, Visitante. René is a singer-songwriter, and Eduardo composes and sings the chorus, plays piano, electric guitars. His sister Ileana Cabra, called PG-13, participates in some songs like female voice. Muerte en Hawaii is the fourth single from the fourth studio album by Calle 13, called “Entren los que quieran”. It was released on October 26, 2010. The video of this song is a protest against the killing of dolphins around the world.

19.- Heridas Que Se Curan – La Arrolladora Banda El Limón

“Heridas que se curan” is a song by La Arrolladora Banda El Limón. The single was a huge success on radio stations in the U.S., Mexico and Latin America. This song belongs to the fourteenth studio album of Banda Limón, “Que Quede Claro” (2008).

20.- Y Si Te Quedas, Qué? – Santiago Cruz

Santiago Cruz is a Colombian singer-songwriter born in Ibagué on February 1, 1976. The theme Y si te quedas qué? was successful in his country and the rest of Latin America. It belongs to his third studio album, Cruce de Caminos.

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